Metering Pump :Milton Roy

Metering Pump :Milton Roy


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Metering Pump :Milton Roy ไดอะแฟรมปั๊ม ปั๊มเคมี ปั๊มฟีดสารเคมี


Liquid End Type : – Packed Plunger LE – Mechanic Actuated Diaphragm LE (Variable Eccentric Type) – Hydraulic Actuated LE (API 675 std)

Pumping Heads : – Simplex, Duplex – Triplex and More

Liquid End Material : PVC, PP, Acrylic, PVDF, 316SS, Alloy 20, Alloy C22

Driven Unit : – Solenoid Driven – Motor Driven

Capacity Adjustment : – Manual Control – 4-20 mA Input Signal – 3-15 psi Input Signal – Variable Speed

Capacity : – Flow Rate up to 13,000 LPH – Discharge Pressure up to 500 bar

Accessories : – Back Pressure Valve – Safety Valve, Pulsation Dampener – Controller – Cable and Probe Sensor etc.

Double Diaphragm with Rupture Detector

+/- 1% Steady State Accuracy Over Turn Down Ratio 10:1

Applications : Metering Pump :Milton Roy  สามารถใช้ได้กับ 

Water and Waste Treatment Plant Municipal Water Work

RO/ DI Water Pool, Boiler and Cooling Tower

Chemical Injection Refinery and Petrochemical Industry

Power Plant, Off-Shore Platform

Electronic Industry Food Drink and Beverage Industry

Textile Industry


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