flange protector


Product Description

Construction Material  :   316 Strainless Steel band or Kydex        Plastic

316 Strainless Steel Zerk injection fitting

Strainless Steel worm gear clamps, rivets        and washers

Plastic vent plug

Gasket Liner  .  :   Mix. operating temp. up to 82 Deg C

Option EPDM Gasket Liner  :   Mix. operating temp. up to 132 Deg C

Option  :   Safety relief valve , 45 PSI

Teflon or Silicone liner for chemical and        high temperature applications

Flange Ratings  :   Available for all size flanges

Typical Applications   :   Protect internal area including the flange        face , stud bolts and gaskets for        environmental elements that can cause        corrosion.


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